2012 Line EP Opus Ski Review

Most versatile pair of skis I have ever owned is the all new 2012 Line EP Opus skis. The Line EP Opus skis does whatever you want the ski to do in any conditions and terrain. With the float of the EP Pro and the maneuverability of the Sir Francis Bacon the Line EP Opus skis are the ultimate one ski quiver ski. Although the ski is narrower than the EP Pro it still has amazing float thanks to where the Early Taper and Early rise have been located. Eric Pollard designed these skis as his masterpiece and as someone who has not only skied every ski that Pollard has designed but also has been skiing with the man himself  he has combined all the best of his creations into this one ski. If you are looking for an excellent AT ski but don’t want the waist width of the Opus then I would suggest the Sir Francis Bacon.

If you are looking for a ski to help you poach your favorite places then this is my weapon of choice. It will ski the deepest of powder with ease while attacking the windblown snow with very little effort. 2 places the EP Opus excels in where many others in this 115mm+ waist category does not is on the groomers and bumps/moguls. I was able to make full pull bump runs with very little effort or adjustment. When it came to skiing glades there was no other ski I would rather be on than the Opus. If you are charging hard and enjoy a stiffer ski than you would want the Prophet 115 or Influence 115, but if you enjoy a ski with tons of playful energy and one that just enjoys everything in front of you then the Line EP Opus is a ski that you really should not pass by with out buying. It looks like untracked.com or Al’s Ski Barn has these in stock right no and ready to sell!!

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  1. Hey Adam,
    Thanks so much for your thorough explanation which seems to cover all bases. I really appreciate the time you’ve put into this and hope you have enough time to ski yourself in between helping all of us.

  2. Hey Adam,

    Thx for all the time you put in answering, testing and researching – really appreciate it, as I’m sure other do.

    Just bought the OPUS tonight so stoked and am not so concerned about the mounting but I have the opportunity to buy the Griffon demo for the same price as the griffon. My question is, do you lose any performance with the demo binding (movement, slop…ect) I figure it would be a nice option on the ski to play around with mount position and for a few, very few, to try my new sticks. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thx from Whistler.

  3. Hey Adam,

    I decided to skip the demo and trust in Line’s recommended “Line”. All I have to say is wow! This ski is the real deal, think it and it happens – and with confidence. Had the best day on them. I have skied and owned many of the top current skis in this category (S7, jj, bent, katana, wrens) and nothing really compares – tall statement but true IMO. Skied them today in a bit of everything, pow, chop, chalk, groomers, ice – couldn’t believe that I was doing so much so well on one ski. What really shocked me was the groomer performance – these things rail, couldn’t find a speed limit – and I used to race.

    The demo binding question might be relevant for others.

    Thx again, from Whistler.

  4. Hi Adam,

    As others have said your very good at answering everyones Q. I thought I could find my answer in the lot but couldnt. So hears my question.

    i have last years EP pro with Soly S 9/16,s on the line. Im 6ft 225lbs very technical skier. I use my Nordica Jetfuels most of the time for rippen on everything but knee deep powder. After that the EP pros come out. I find the EP Pro once the powder gets chopped up throughs me around more than I would like. I figure its the width and softness that couses this. In smooth snow they are perfict. But they really dont like chop I find. Maybe its my size vs softness? What ski would you recomend for skiing all conditions well? The Opus sounds great but i worry about the width with my experiance with the EP pros from last year in chop and crud. The bacon perhaps or do you still think the Opus will work with my wieght. i just hate bringing so many skis up the mountain with me all time! The kids bring two I bring two. Pain! I want a ski that will ski groomers well. Maybe not as good as the Jetfuels as they are 82mm trenchers but a ski almost as good at railing turns but can bust crud and float me in powder almsot as good as the 127 waisted ep pros. I know this might be un realistic but whats your thoughts on this. I have a feeling your going to say the 115. But i like the graphics of the opus and Bacon much better:] Im not much of a switch skier more racer style as my kids are alpine racers and I go to lots of races. I ski there style but enjoy more time off the groomers if I had a ski that could handel the wide veriaty of conditions better. The jetfuel sink like a rock and EP,s are great only in fresh untacked for me. They do OK in soft snow but still not quite right for me by afternoon? Thanks james

  5. Thanks Anne!
    Very much appreciate the response. Not much snow out there right now so this time of year I try to get people into the right equipment and give them as much knowledge as possible and when Feb comes through Spring that is my time to get out on the hill and enjoy being out on the snow… of course I still get a couple days a week during January too!!

  6. Hello Rob,
    Awesome job on getting the Line Mr. Pollard Opus it will truly be your favorite ski. Great call on the binding question. One of the great things about the new Marker Griffon Demo is that you really do not lose anything as far as performance goes. They are an excellent binding and the key to them is to ake sure you adjust them properly when adjusting forward or back, but other than that you would greatly enjoy the Demo Griffon on that binding especially if you can score that price.


  7. I did answer it so others would know that they could use the demo. I have used the ski in multiple positions and one thing that I have always found to be consistent with Line Skis is their mounting points are dead on as to where the ski will ski best, they really do their homework on the mounting points and as you saw it really shows. I too have owned and used all those other skis and when I got on this ski I immediately knew that this ski was the best thing I had ever been on in my life!! I too was very surprise by the high speed carving capabilities found on the Opus yet at the same time they are so nimble and very forgiving. There is no better One Ski Quiver ski on the market and it iwll be hard to find a better one for a few years. The only thing that is going to make it better is when the 192cm Opus comes out for 2013!! I am counting the days to when mine arrive to test out and will be sure to write about my experience on those. Glad you are having an incredible time on those Opus skis and enjoy!!

  8. Just here to say after reading here about the OPUS I got impulsive went out and scored the last pair of 185’s at the local shop in truckee. So impressed I’ve decided to sell my new in the wrapper Watea 120’s to make room.
    All this talk about 1 ski quiver is great. I’ll still use my smaller stiffer skis for the tahoe hard pack but it’s nice to know I can do good things with the p’opus once the fluff is chopped. Adam thanks for all the great info on these skis.
    Now can you make it dump in Tahoe pleeeeese!

  9. The EP Pro is totally different from the EP Opus. The EP Pro is a ski I own 2 of and they are an awesome ski, I am lighter so I can more easily use them other than just soft snow days. This being said once I got on the Opus I have not taken the EP Pro out…. The Opus has just as much float as the Pro even though it is narrower however the key here is the design of the rocker on the Opus does not give the plowing effect that you get on the EP Pro especially in the crid like conditions. It will more easily just plow through tthe crud kind of like you wish the Pro would do, but because of the combination of how soft the pro is and the amount of rocker the EP Pro just does not have the versatility that you gain with going to the Mr. Pollard opus.

  10. Hi Adam,

    You definitely seem to know what you’re talking about so heres my dilemma. I’m doing a season in Chamonix this year and broke my new armada TSTs the other day, only got to ski them for 10 days but was definitely liking the increased width from my old K2 public enemies (which I’m now having to ride) so I figure as its the powder days that everyone remembers and loves why not get something bigger but at the same point I want to be able to tear up the groomers when the weather forces me to. The other ski I was considering was the K2 kung fujas but I do want something that will really perform in powder, would probably get the 178s any words of wisdom?

    Thanks mate

  11. Hi Adam,

    I am strongly leaning toward getting a pair of Opus 185. I am 6′ 4″ and 230 lbs. I like everything I read about them but will my size/weight cause any problems?


  12. Hi Sam,
    How big are you? You may think of the MPO as a powder ski, but once you get out on them you will quickly realize that is truly a one ski quiver ski. If you enjoy laying out over your edge on groomers then you will have so much fun taking out the MPO not only on powder days but also groomer days. as for length if you are smaller like 5’8″ and weigh 150 to 160lbs then do the 178cm but if you ar ebigger go with the 185cm length.


  13. Hi Russ,
    You are a candidate to wait until next year when Line is coming out with the 192cm length! Many bigger guys have been enjoying the 185cm Opus it really comes down to skiing style. If you are all about speed all the time you may want to get bigger, but if you ar emore of a playful skier and not heavy on your edges then you will have no problems with the Line MPO.


  14. Thanks for the resons,

    I see theres a 192 in the MPO next season. That changes everything. I have narrowed my search down to three skis as a one quiver. The 192 MPO,191 on3p Wrens, and the Caylor in a 191. The Caylor sounds like a ski as soft as the MPO and the Wren sounds like a decent ski as a more charging type. Im Wondering what your thoughts are for a big guy 225-230lb expert skier type all mountain ski are? Had the EP,s out the other day in 5inches of fresh but once it got chopped up the ice from a lack of snow before this was making the EPP a little jumpy. The wrens sound good as an all round stick with the waist being really managable. The Caylor seems alot like the MPO will be like? Is the ON3P Caylor around the same flex as the MPO?


  15. The EP for your weight is just on the verge of too much but the MPO is a totally different ski and much stiffer than the EP or the older Bacons. It is a much more rigid ski compared to those, by no means stiff but a good medium flexing ski, probably a 6.5 on a scale to 10, with the EP being a 2. The on3p are great skis but if you want versatility the MPO has so much more to offer in that the turn radius is so much quicker and you have more effective edge length which for a bigger guy is going ot be the most important when getting into chop in groomers as it gives the ski more surface area to distribute the weight.

  16. Ok I just got my Opus mounter up with some Griffons today. They’re mounted as reccomended… and damn they sure are mounted waaay forward than anything in my quiver…like 8 to 10 cm more. Just looking at them it looks like a real nose diver

    Adam just to be clear are you saying I should have gone 2 cm back from that? I know it would suck to remount them already but I’ll do it if I have to.

    They will be my powder day only (in case Tahoe gets powder days this year sic’).

  17. Hi Adam. Do you have more input from your tele friends? I like a ski in the 188 190 ish range but I need something stable at high speeds and chunky snow without chatter. I’m 5’8″ 190lbs- not fat and need a ski that can hold a hard line in all conditions. I’m leaning towards the prophet but maybe the flex of the opus is more suited to tele. Thanks

  18. I finally was able to demo the new Opus and Bacon. I rode the 185 and 184. The 185 MPO seems sold out everywhere. I have found the 178’s in stock.

    I am 6′ 180lbs…I love the steeps, trees, and bumps – my current 175 carvers help for maneuverability…my style is definitely more playful and slower than a fast hard charger…

    Do you think the 178’s will work, or should I get the 184 Bacons?

  19. For your size you are going to want the 185Opus. i know only a few places have it in stock as of this weekend. http://www.untracked.com had them but I think they are down to one pair now. They ski short so if you want a playful ski go with the 184cm in the SFB. It skis bumps amazingly well and with an actual pull chord measurement of 181cm in the 184cm you would not want to go any shorter that is for sure. If you can find the MPO 185cm get them as that is an amazing ski but you can not go wrong with the 184cm SFB either.

  20. If you want something stable at high speeds then stay more towards the Influence 105 or the Influence 115 Skis as these will be better at higher speeds than the MPO, but if you want something more playful then stick with the Opus. Next year the Influence skis will be coming in the 192cm length as well so that is something to consider as they measure short as well. You are correct to stay towards the Prophets as that is what my friends that are more hard charging chiopped snow like but any of them that like amore playful ski all enjoy the SFB and the Opus.

  21. Hi Adam – great reviews – love your enthusiasm. Am looking at EPO’s for me (50yo) and my 18yo son. We ski plenty of Japanese pow but also want good groomer turns so looks like this ski fits the bill. 2 questions.
    1. How does it compare to the Rossi S7?
    2. Am I right in understanding that you recommend bindings fitted -2cm behind centre?
    Much appreciated

  22. Hello,
    Totally different ski from S7. S7 is a great powder ski but when it comes to on trail it lacks much energy in the tail of the ski especially when exiting a turn. If you are looking for a one ski quiver ski the Line MPO is the way to go, it skis the powder with ease but you can also really have fun with the ski on groomers as well. If you are looking for a strict powder ski then the S7 is certainly one to consider.

    As for the mounting point they are 2cm behind center and that is where they ski the best.

  23. How big are you? I would still say go with the 185cm length the Pontoon is a totally different ski and if you were skiing that in a 179cm length you would certainly want the 185cm in the Opus.

  24. Thanks Adam – I’m 5’11” and 90kg. My son is 6’1″ & 75kg. Both Advanced-Expert.

    Sounds like the EPO 185 would be the most suitable.


  25. If you are spending more time in deeper snow and trees go with the EPO all the way you can not go wrong with either ski, but for best float the Pollard Opus is the best option!

  26. Thanks Adam – will be buying the 2012 EPO for me (white) and 2013 for my son (black) – both in 185.

    Have been trying to find an online retailer but cant find any that have the 185 in stock. Do you know where I might find them?

    Thanks again

  27. Hi!

    I was just wondering if a Marker Duke 16 S would be good on this ski?
    I dont have that much clue on skis and bindings. I already have a Prophet 115 with Marker Squire, but i wanted a more playful ski, so would a Duke 16 be good for that on this ski?

  28. You will not find the black ones until late Spring or summer as those are next years skis. As for this years they have been sold out for a while from everyone but I heard my friends at http://www.untracked.com may be able to find you a 185cm length in the next week or two, they will be gone very quickly so you may want to contact them. If you buy a binding from them they will mount them for free too. They will be one of the first to have the 2013 Opus as well so you may want to do a Pre Order for that ski for your son at the same time.

  29. Hello,
    If you have a Squire on a ski then the Duke is overkill. If you are going to be doing some touring with the Opus then go with the Marker Baron as you probably do not need the 16 DIN of the Duke. If you ar enot going to be doing any touring then you should go with the Marker Griffon or the Salomon Z12 Ski Bindings for the Line Mr Pollard Opus.

  30. G’day Adam!
    Great review, and like most others have mentioned your advice is greatly appreciated!!
    I recently took some SFBs over to Niseko (172s). Whilst I had a lot of fun on these excellent skis (and a huge leap from the 165 public enemys ive been blasting around on for the last few years!!) and they will be a great all-round/do everything ski for the Australasian winters, I felt as though I needed some more meat under my feet in the dry Japanese pow!! This is where the EPOs come in!! I am just really unsure about what length to go for?! I’m an advanced skier, happy in the trees, and even happier on steep open faces. I am 5’8 and 150 pounds. If I found the SFBs short at 172, would the 178 EPOs suffer the same fate OR would that be offset by the extra width?? Yep-I am probably over-thinking this!!!
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  31. Hi Freedom!
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the SFB. Totally agree that in dry pow you would want more meat under your foot and that is certainly where I would say go with the Mr. Pollard’s Opus. 172cm in the Bacon is very short too I think if you had the 178cm or even the 184cm that would have helped. If you go to the Opus the 178cm does ski short but you do gain width underfoot so you can ski it in the 178cm if you want. At 150lbs you certainly have that option. If you were around 175lbs or bighger I would say with out a doubt you need to be on the 185cm Opus skis :). If you ski very tight areas go with the 178cm length, but if your trees are not super tight then do yourself a favor and go with the 185cm length. You are a prime candidate for the 178cm in the Opus if your trees are tight and you don;t want to be turning to much ski.

    Hope this was of some help!

  32. Thanks for the advice Adam- it is greatly appreciated!!
    Reckon I’ll go for the 178s-it’ll encourage me to stay fit and light!!!


  33. im sold on the opus, im 5’8 150, i tried the 178 s7 (to short) tried the rocker 2 180 and liked it. how does the opus compare with the rocker 2. what size opus would work for me? thanks

  34. The 185cm length would be the length that you want at 150lbs. The Rocker 2 depending on what version you skied they have multiple for next year a ton of fun. You would want the Rocker 2 115 ski that they have if you went with the Salomon. The Salomon Rocker 2 might just be a little more damp feeling and a little less playful than the Opus so it really just depends on what you are looking for.

  35. I am looking for a pow ski for when we get dumped on up here in North Idaho (Schweitzer)! I currently have the prophet 98’s and love them – but looking for a ski for the deep days and cat skiing. 6 ft 215.

    Looking at moment bibby pro, armada jj and because I love my line skis so much – the opus.


  36. Hi Dave,
    All the skis you are looking at are great skis. If you really enjoy the ride that your Prophet 98’s give you then stay with the Mr. Pollard Opus. You really can not go wrong with this ski unless what you are looking for is more of a hard charging ski in which case I would say go with the Moment Bibby Pro. The Armada JJ is an awesome ski, but it has a very tight turn radius so at your size I would say go with the stiffer version as it skis very short and the turn radius is longer and you don’t have to be turning all the time. The Opus is just a forgiving do everything powder ski. It skis everything with ease and is an effortless ski to use no matter what kind of fresh snow you have. You can do the 185cm length if you want short or you can wait for the 2013 version which will feature a 192cm length.

  37. Hey adam. Im lookig to buy the 2012 MPO 185 cm. i am about 5″10 175. Im an agressive skier who wants a ski for both the soft and hard pack. I live in BC so im always chasing the powder. Would you recommend the 178 or 185?

  38. Easily I would suggest the 185cm length for your height and weight! You will have a lot of fun in BC on the Mr Pollard Opus Skis!

  39. Hi Adam, I’ve just bought the Opus in 178 and have Marker Griffons mounted on the recommended mid point. I went for 178 because my previous skis , Scott Missions were 178 and they were so good to ski on. But now having discovered that the Opus is actually a bit shorter, do you think I’ve made a mistake in the length. I’m 5′ 10, and around 180 lbs, 64yrs old but still going strong. I also feel that when I finally get them out I’m going to nose dive cause there does’nt seem to be a lot of ski at the front ! I bought them mainly for holidays in Canada and America. Thanks for any advice.

  40. If you were coming off the Mission and go up to a ski 30mms wider you may be alright. Just depends on how aggressive you are. I would have still suggested the 185cm length but you should still easily get away with the 178cm if you are only 180lbs. They may feel short because of where they are mounted and the way they are sized, but you will still have a blast on them.

  41. Hi Adam – bought the EPOpus 185 and cant wait to hit Japan next season.

    What skins do you suggest? Some options have been Black Diamond Mohair or G3 – have been recommended a 125 width as the size I need – but others have suggested I need a 130 / 140 width.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again

  42. You are going to fall in love with them as they are perfect for Japan!! As for skins I would suggest a G3 140mm or one of the BD STS Skins 140mm. The G3 are lighter than the current STS skins, however for this next season BD is lightening up their skins so that will also be a great option.

  43. Hi, Am trying to decide between the 2012 line 115 influence and the 2013 MPO 192cm . I am 185 cm and about 220 lbs. could you suggest what ski would be better i ski a mountain that is know for hard snow and ice but also has amazing natural terrain is a Vocano with loads of wall ride natural half pipes and big open bowls and no trees, it does get good snow about 10-30cm would be average pow day’s, and has good spring skiing. Any advice?? i like to ski fast when its hard but enjoy a playfull ski also.. thanks

  44. Hello,
    If you were telling me you just enjoy speed amd sometimes playing then I would say the Influence, but where you are saying you enjoy a playfuil ski as well that will be hard charging then I would certainly go with the 192cm MPO that is going to be the more versatile ski for your skiing style. It is an amazingly playful ski but will also hold on groomers with ease as well.

  45. OK thanks for your insight, have ordered the MPO 192 and is snowing hard here in N.Z. will do an up date ina month when the skiing starts.

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