2010 Salomon Oversize Binding Review

Many people have been asking what the deal is with the all new “Oversize” label on some of the new Salomon bindings for the 2010 ski season. The new 2010 Salomon Oversized bindings gives the Salomon binding exceptional power and precision thanks to the increased contact zone for better foothold by keeping the required release values. With the new Oversized bindings you will feel even more secure. Built for skiers who are hard on their equipment and are constantly putting high torque values on their bindings. This is a great step forward for the Salomon Z and STH ski Bindings. They will only continue to get better. 2010 Salomon Bindings are now out in select online shops so get yours now and think snow!

2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis Review

The 2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis is one of the most versatile skis that Eric Pollard has designed. Now with an all new 172cm length being made it leaves the question as to why they are still making the Line Elizabeth. Well there are actually some good reasons why. The Line Sir Francis Bacon has similar dimensions and yes they are both 172cm, but one of the biggest differences is that the 2010 Line SFB is a stiffer ski all around and made for skiing everywhere on the hill at anytime. The 2010 Line Elizabeth is softer so it is made more to be a freestyle ski that still skis the entire mountain, any conditions, well. The Line SFB is a Freeride/All-Mountain ski that will still ski the park well. There is only a cosmetic difference between the 2009 and 2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon. This is one of the best skis you will ever get on, especially if you live in a place with good snowfall the Line Sir Francis Bacon will ski any snow conditions thanks to Eric Pollard’s ability to design useful skis better than anyone else.

2009 vs. 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis + Mounting Points

The 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis are out on the market right now and many are wondering what has changed from the 2009 version. K2 only changed the graphic on the 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis. If you like the 2010 graphic you are not alone as there has been a lot of positive feedback on the new look, however if you want to save a couple of hundred dollars then the best thing to do is search around for the 2009 version and I am sure you can find a great ski and binding package. If you are looking for a freeride ski or even a one ski quiver so the 2009 or 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis both would make a great choice thanks to a rockered tip and ABS sidewall they not only float well in powder, but amazingly enough are very quick edge to edge even in crud and hard pack conditions. If you find yourself skiing the side of the trail most of the time in search of soft snow, jump into the trees whenever possible, and at times just like the skis to fly then this is a great option for you.

As for the mounting point on the K2 Obsethed it really just depends on where you spend most of your time skiing. If you are going to use them just for powder then you would want to mount them at +2cm. If you find yourself skiing them all mountain then +3cm and if you find yourself wanting to use them as more of a freeride backcountry ski for use on booters and switch landings and switch skiing then we would suggest to mount them at +4cm or +5cm if you spend a lot of time riding and landing switch.

2009 K2 Pontoon, or is it a 2010???

More and more companies are starting to realize that certain skis need no change in construction or graphics from year to year. One such ski is the K2 Pontoon. It has stayed unchanged since it was released and again for 2010 it will remain the same except for one thing… price! That is right, for 2010 the K2 Pontoon will be selling for $699 so for those of you who have been checking out the K2 Pontoon and have found it on sale, you may want to pull the trigger on it now as in the next month or so most places will change that sale price of the ’09 ski to the new Minimum Advertised Price of $699 and all the inventory will change over to 2010. Prices are going up on most product for the 2010 season so be sure to buy this summer to get the best selection of discounted product. 2010 K2 Pontoon is a ski created by the great and late Shane McConkey RIP!!

2010 Full Tilt Boots

I am sure there are a lot of you wondering what is the deal with the Full Tilt Boots. Full Tilt Boots bought out Raichle’s mold and researched using the existing mold with newer materials. The result is the first 3 piece boot ever made had been resurrected and the die hard Flexon users could now get a new boot after years of having to find parts to keep their old ones going. The new 2010 Full Tilt Ski Boots have found there way into a few select online shops and not a surprise the graphics will be some of the most interesting that you have ever seen, from a boot with a pin and skulls on it to one that looks like it belongs in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on The Food Network. Don’t forget about the 2010 Hot Dogger Ski Boot which is completely red including the buckles. Seth Morrison refuses to ski on any other boot than the Full Tilt and if you have the calf and foot for one I would suggest that you get out and try a pair. The newer models are 2mm’s wider in the fore foot so for those of you who were always close you may find yourself a perfect fit in the new 2010 Full Tilt Model Boots. So search for ’10 Full Tilt Ski Boots and check them out for yourself.