2013 Line Skis Overview Review

The 2013 Line Prophet 98 and 90 come back with an updated graphic but the same ski. The jury is still out on the 2013 graphic on the Prophet series, they look good but maybe not as strong as they have in the past. Prophet 85 is an all new Prophet that comes with the metal matrix/Capwall and the Prophet Flite is now the Prophet 85 with out metal, no metal matrix, Fibercap construction and Aspen Macroblock core instead of Maple.

The Mr. Pollard Opus gets a 192cm length and sick new Eric Pollard graphic. Sir Francis Bacon comes back unchanged except for the graphic.

The 2013 Line Influence 115 gets a Capwall construction along with a milled piece of metal instead of a metal matrix and now you will only be able to buy a 179cm, 186cm and 192cm.

The 2013 Line Chronic and Line Blend both get a total make over with the Chronic possibly having its best graphic to date. The 2013 Line Afterbang also gets a new size with a 172cm being added to the lineup. Line Skis also are reintroducing  the Line Anthem as the Line Travelling Circus Ski. No changes from the original Anthem. People have been asking for it and so now it is back!

The women’s line gets new ski called the Soulmate which is replacing the Celebrity 100. It is 98 in the waist and is the women’s version of the Prophet 98. Not a typical Line’s women’s graphic on the Line Soulmate and so far it has been really well received. A new ski called the Celebrity 85 has been added to the line with a 85mm waist with no metal.

As for the junior line there is now a 165cm length in the Sir Francis Bacon Shorty and a 100cm and 143cm lengths in the Super Hero and Snow Angel.

2013 Marker Duke EPF Ski Bindings Review

All new for Marker is the Marker Duke Extended Power Frame Ski Touring Bindings. This binding is again a game changer in the binding world. With previous Marker Bindings have a 35mm width hole pattern the all new 2013 Marker Duke EPF Ski Bindings have a 46mm mounting template meaning that these bindings will have so much more leverage to the edge of the ski and will make skis even easier and more responsive than ever before. The best review of the Marker Duke EPF is done on skis over 90mm in the waist as the mounting point is just so wide that it will not even fit on most skis under 85mm in the waist. The transmission that you get out of the all new Marker Duke EPF Binding is incredible. If you are looking for a one ski quiver binding that will allow your wider ski to be even more versatile on groomer terrain the Marker Duke from 2013 is your best option! More reviews and photos of this binding to come!

2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis Review

A review of the 2012 skis is already available if you scroll down through my posts. However, there has been one important change for 2013 and that is the addition of the 192cm Mr. Pollard Opus. Other than a new graphic and a new size the ski stays the same. The Line Mr Pollard Opus has been one of the best-selling skis of 2012 and we expect 2013 to be even better! A few select dealers still have the 2012 Mr. Pollard Opus skis so be sure to get yours today, unless of course you are looking for a 192cm length Mr. Pollard Opus then you will have to wait until the 2013 skis are out! Still one of my favorite skis you can not go wrong, unless you go to short.

2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Video

Here is the review of the 2012 Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus Skis which are the same for 2013, but now with the additional length of a 192cm length!!


2012 Atomic Access Ski Review

The 2012 Atomic Access All Mountain Skis are one of the best deals you will find on the market. If you are looking to get your first 100mm waisted ski but don’t have a lot of money to spend the Atomic Access Skis are a great choice. Built for lighter weight skiers the Atomic Access Skis will ski everything from powder/crud to groomers. If you are over 190lbs but not aggressive then these would also be a lot of fun. If you are aggressive then you will want to consider something like that of the Line Prophet 100 or the all new Line Prophet 98 Skis which are going to be more versatile for a heavier/more aggressive skier. For under $500 though it is hard to find many faults with the Atomic Access Skis. They are not designed for super high speed runs but do well at medium speed in all terrain.

Dimensions: 127.5-100-119.5

Turn Radius: 16m @ 161cm

2013 K2 Ski Review of the K2 Sideshow 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Skis

K2 and the Rolling Stones are turning 50!!! To celebrate K2 Skis and the Rolling Stones have teamed up to create the Limited Edition K2 Sideshow with the Rolling Stones graphics on them. These skis have a special die cut in the base with the Stones logo and you will also receive a Free T Shirt from k2 when you buy these skis. The Sideshow is a versatile do it all kind of ski wether you enjoy doing sidecountry, slackcountry or just want a fun ski for making tracks in the woods. The Sideshow is a perfect ski for AT and Backcountry with a lightweight design and a perfect tail for putting skins on. It will also make a great work of art for your collection. They will be making a Sidestaash ski as well with a totally different graphic. These will sell out as they only made  a Limited number and each on is numbered as to what pair they are!! Find em and buy em!!

Review of MSP’s “Attack of La Nina”

MSP has been known for their amazing films in the past and for the 2012 season it is no different. Once again with one of the top movies for 2012 MSP goes to some remote locations to bring you some incredible footage from all over the globe! I don’t want to give away the amazing lines and tricks that are thrown down in this movie but what i can say is find a Movie Premier near you so that you can enjoy the full experience not to mention all the free swag given out at these events.

2012 Armada AR7 Skis Review

The 2012 Armada AR7 Skis are one of the best Freestyle all mountain skis on the market. The 2012 Armada Skis are versatile in that they are are great in the park and pipe, yet unlike many other freestyle skis they have sidewall technology and a wider platform to allow for more All Mountain freeride use as well. They are playful yet energetic anywhere you take them and if you are looking for a park ski that you can take anywhere on the mountain you have to strongly consider the 2012 Armada AR7 Skis one of your top choices. This ski a ski that sold out quickly last year thanks to high reviews and even higher demand and I would expect the same for the 2012 model so don’t wait until they are sold out like they were last year.

2012 Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty Junior Powder Ski Review

One of the favorite junior skis that is coming over for 2012 is the Line SFB Jr. Ski. With a 107mm waist the Bacon Shorty will float in the deepest of snow while dad wins too because now your young ripper can go skiing the same places as you with just as much ease. The ski does have Early Rise and Early Taper so you can easily ski all conditions from deep snow to groomers with ease. If you are looking to save some money then you can also look for last years Line EP Shorty as it is the same ski with different graphics. It is awesome how companies have stepped up to make skis for the youth who can now be free with out limits because of their equipment.

2012 Volkl Mantra Ski Review

The 2012 Volkl Mantra Skis had some major changes for this season and all for the better. Now with a wider more versatile waist width of 98mm and all new tip rocker the 2012 Volkl Mantra is now in the same categroy as the Line Prophet 98 skis as far as versatility. It was lacking a little bit in previous models and we preferred the non rockered Line Prophet 100 Skis over the previous editions of the Mantra. The newer Mantra however has very similar qualities shared with that of the Line Skis and for that I thank Volkl. The new Volkl Mantra Skis can go anywhere at anytime and with confidence even on the firm days in the Northeast. The Prophet 98 has a slight edge in turn radius so if it comes down to what you like for turns it is easy if you are more of a long turn kind of skier go with the Volkl Mantra and if you enjoy something that will turn slightly more quicker edge to edge and is a little more forgiving than the Mantra go with the Line Prophet 98 skis which will also be one of the top selling skis for 2012 when all is said and done.

2012 Icelantic Keeper Skis Review

The 2012 Icelantic Keeper Skis are back unchanged except for graphic and I have no problem at all with that. The Icelantic Keeper Skis were thought to be a powder ski when they came out since they are 119mm in the waist but after skiing on them I can tell you that these skis are much more than most powder skis could ever dream of being. With a very quick turn radius and amazing edge grip even on groomers the Icelantic Keeper Skis are an eye opener for most expert skiers. With a fairly stiff flex and traditional camber Keeper skis will ski all conditions and terrain. If you are looking for something a little more forgiving for skiing bumped up terrain then you may want to consider the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Overall this was an excellent ski and one that you will find yourself enjoying in more conditions then you previously thought possible.