2013 Line Influence 115 Ski Review vs. 2012 Line Influence 115 Skis

2013 Line Influence 115                   VS:          2012 Line Influence 115

Dimensions: 145-115-131                                 Dimensions: 153-115-142

Turn Radius: 22.6m                                          Turn Radius: 19m

Stance: -81mm                                                   Stance: -77mm

It doesn’t take long to immediately see that the all new 2013 Line Influence 115 Skis have been totally changed from the 2012 version and the 2011 Line Prophet 115. The 2013 Line Influence 115 skis are much more true big mountain skis. They always want to be facing down the hill and enjoy high-speed rides down anything including big drops. The all new redesigned tip profile on the ski make skiing big mountain lines a dream and will plow through anything at whatever speed you can throw at it. Both the tip and tail have become narrower making big mountain turns more easy. If you are truly looking for a big mountain ski with lots of energy then the 2013 Influence 115 Ski is your ski.

However, if you are looking for something more versatile in a variety of conditions say some big mountain lines, but also a lot of inbounds groomers and resort skiing then you may want to consider the 2012 Influence 115 skis or the 2011 Line Prophet 115 Skis. These skis have a quicker turn and are much more All Mountain/Freeride oriented skis rather than Big Mountain like the 2013 Line Influence 115 Skis. If you want something that you feel comfortable taking anywhere on the hill in any conditions go with the older versions, but if you are skiing big mountain or big snow or chop the 2013 Line Influence 115 skis will excel in those conditions.

2013 K2 Pettitor Skis Review

Ski: Sean Pettit Pro Model called K2 Pettitor Skis

Length: 179cm

Rocker: Powder Rocker

Dimensions: 147-120-141

Turn Radius 22m

Binding Used: Marker Griffon

K2 changed up their Factory skis for the 2013 season. There is no longer a Seth ski in the Factory line up of skis, instead Sean Pettit has received the promotion to having his own Pro Model Skis that he likes to call the 2013 K2 The Pettitor. Sean has been one of the most fluid skiers in the world since his young days as a pro. Now with the ski like the Pettitor for him to charge on it will be interesting to see where he takes the sport.

First thing you will notice about the 2013 K2 Pettitor skis is the rocker vs. camber is much more different from anything that Seth did on his skis. The camber on the Pettitor is the stiffest in the K2 Factory Team line up and what you will also find of note is that it was directly under the boot where it was the stiffest. Along with the camber the K2 Pettitor has moved the contact points closer together making for a more playful big mountain ski. If you enjoyed the Obsethed skis but wanted something that was quicker turning and had better edge hold and stability at speed on groomers then the K2 Pettitor is the ski you want. This ski was hard charging like a big mountain ski and would leave trenches on the groomers. When skiing it in softer snow it was like a dream, I would call it the most playful of the Big Mountain skis and would go as far to say that it was my second favorite ski to that of the Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis. If you plan on skiing big mountain lines with large cliff drops then you would probably prefer the K2 Pettitor Ski, but if you wanted a one ski quiver ski in the 120mm waisted area then the Line opus is still my top choice. The K2 Pettitor is built for high-speed stability and big cliff bands and for many they are going to find this the answer they are looking for. K2 had a long run with the Obsethed Skis, but they had run their course and it was time for something that had more of a playful side along with a backbone for skiing big mountain lines along with skiing the resort. They have an A+ with the addition of the K2 Pettitor for 2013 and it is backed by not only Sean Pettit but Pep Fujas has also been seen skiing big mountain lines with the new K2 Pettitor Skis and he has been loving them! This is a top vote getter for 2013 so pick up a pair with confidence!

2013 Line Influence 115 Ski Review vs. 2012 Influence 115 Skis

Skis: 2013 Line Influence 115 Skis

Size: 186cm

Dimensions: 145-115-131

Turn Radius: 22.6m

Stance: -81mm

For 2013 Line Re-Designed the Line Influence 115 to more of a true Big Mountain Ski. The turn radius is now bigger and made for more straightening than the 2012 Influence 115. Another major change besides the shape is the If you want a super quick turning ski for groomers and powder go with the 2012 Influence 115 or the Prophet 115 from 2011, if you want more of a Big mountain ski that will plane through deep snow and not plow and bounce then go with the all new 2013 Line Influence 115. The metal matrix is now flat into the ski and not on top like before and this helps save weight . Line has really found a way to improve a ski that I already used as an everyday ski. The energy you could get out of the ski was amazing and good form them for dropping the 172cm length and adding the 192cm length. These skis because fo the Early Rise in the tip and tail ski very short so you need to go longer to get the correct length for you. Also, you can really feel the active edge when you are on groomers getting back to the lift and that is the big difference I have been finding with many of the Line skis compared to others is that they ski very short but yet you feel like you are using the whole ski. The new tip and tail design also will take a skin clip easier for more backcountry adventures. If you are looking for a big mountain ski with versatility the Line Influence 115 should be in your top 3 for 2013!!

2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis Review

Skis: 2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis

Size: 189cm

Dimensions: 150-119-136

Turn Radius: 18m

Weight: 10.3lbs

Rocker: Yes (Tip/Tail)

The 2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis are back for 2013 and are coming with a brand new stone grind and finish from Icelantic. The Icelantic Keeper Skis were thought to be a powder ski when they came out since they are 119mm in the waist but after skiing on them I can tell you that these skis are much more than most powder skis could ever dream of being. With a very quick turn radius and amazing edge grip even on groomers the Icelantic Keeper Skis are an eye opener for most expert skiers. With a fairly stiff flex and early rise tip/tail and traditional camber, the Icelantic Keeper skis will ski all conditions and terrain. If you are looking for something a little more forgiving for skiing bumped up terrain then you may want to consider the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Overall this was an excellent ski and one that you will find yourself enjoying these in more conditions than you previously thought possible. With the early rise tip and tail you will also see these skis will actually be extremely quick turning in the trees. Don’t sell yourself short with this ski. The 189cm certainly seems like it would be a lot of ski but after skiing it in tight terrain I would have no problem using this as my choice length. If you don;t like longer skis the great thing about the Icelantic Keeper is that you can ski it in shorter lengths, but please don;t sell yourself to short or you will regret it.

2013 Icelantic Nomad RKR Skis vs. Nomad (Non RKR) Review

Ski: 2013 Icelantic Nomad RKR Skis

Size: 171cm

Dimensions: 140-105-130

Turn Radius: 16m

Weight: 8.65lbs

Rocker: Yes (Tip and Tail)

The 2013 Icelantic Nomad RKR is a brand new ski for Icelantic and after skiing it I can tell you that it will be in their line up for years to come. I was only able to ski the 171cm length, however what I can tell you is this ski wants to go fast and with the all new structure and finish (Thanks to a $500,000 Wintersteiger Machine) that Icelantic is putting into their skis you will notice a huge difference from the past.

The Nomad RKR comes with both tip and tail rocker and it loves to ski trees with confidence. Because of the early rise tip and tail you can certainly ski this ski longer than you would the normal Nomad with no early rise. It would not surprise me if Icelantic decided to come out with a 191cm length in this ski for 2014!! The Icelantic Nomad RKR wants to be pushing the limits at all times, it is super fun to play on and will go anywhere on the mountain with confidence that you want to take it. If you are just in for some Super G turns this ski so incredibly stable thanks to the all new Carbonium Topsheet that not only helps prevent the topsheet from chipping but when you also add 3 layers of rubber foil the ski is incredibly damp. If you want a ski that you can take with confidence on and off trail at anytime the Nomad RKR is a great choice.

I know a lot of guys and girls who will be using this as their tele or tour set up because of the versatility and how light the ski is. It is very quick edge to edge in the woods and also loves to zipper line moguls as well. Great all around ski for someone who is looking for light weight. If you don’t like the feeling of RKR you can still get this ski in the non RKR version. I have a feeling the RKR will sell 4 to 1 over the non RKR version after skiing both.

The non RKR Nomad is still an excellent ski and for those who do not enjoy skis with early rise. I know there is still a few of you out there who are not converts and if you are one of those then go with the regular Nomad. If you only ski groomers then you may enjoy not having the early rise. I had a blast on both versions of this ski so you really can not go wrong. If you spend more time in the woods go with the RKR if you spend more time on groomers you can consider the regular Nomad.

These skis are also made in the USA and come with a 2 year warranty from Icelantic. If you are tough on skis and need something durable this is a great ski for you.


2012/2013 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis Review

Model: 2013 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis

Size: 184cm

Actual Length (Pull Chord): 181cm

Dimensions: 140-108-136

Stance -2.5cm from Center

Again for 2013 Line Skis has done an amazing job with the Sir Francis Bacon. It comes back for 2013 with an updated graphic which is another piece of art by the master Eric Pollard. I didn’t think that Line could do a better job with the graphic and I was wrong, Eric really put some amazing color into the ski and the graphic has been getting amazing reviews.

Now to the skiing. I said it last year and I will say it again this year, if you are looking for a one ski quiver ski that is playful and wants to always be searching out for the terrain off the trail then you will be very hard pressed to find anything more versatile in the 100-110mm category than the 2012/2013 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis.

Other companies seem to always be playing catch up with Line and with the Early Rise/Early Taper on both the SFB and Opus Skis  it is easy to see why! They turn on a dime with no effort at all, yet when you need stability on groomers the Line Sir Francis Bacon really holds on edge and with a turn radius of about 17m you will think you are on a ski 90mm in the waist. The Bacon allows you to easily get in and out of turns quickly and playfully. If you are like me and enjoy skiing the side 10 feet of the trail in the crud and sugar snow the Sir Francis Bacon eats those conditions up with ease! With the Early Rise and Early Taper the ski has a surf like feel to it and will easily ski all conditions that you throw its way. If you are into skiing pillow lines and searching out deep snow you can ski the Bacon, but you may want to look at its big brother the Mr. Pollard Opus for true powder lines in the backcountry.

One major factor you need to consider when buying this ski is the length. These skis not only measure short but they ski short as well. The one thing that is need with the Sir Francis Bacon is a 190cm length ski. This would make decisions much easier. The 184cm length is the top selling length and when you get on it you will see why. It turns like a 170cm length ski and sometimes you forget that you have a ski on that is over 180cms. For bigger guys and more aggressive skiers I think a 190cm length would be a great addition to the line up. If you are over 220lbs you may want to consider something slightly longer like the Mr. Pollard Opus. Just don’t sell yourself short, these skis may be 108mm in the waist but you still want the length to truly get all optimal ride out of this ski. If you are over 160lbs you should be skiing the 184cm length.

As for mounting point I would really suggest the Mid Sole mark that Line has already suggested. The skis do ski the best mounted on that line and if you are a tele skier I would really suggest talking to whoever is mounting your bindings and make sure they mount them so your boot mid sole is around the mid sole mark on your boot. These do ski best toward center even on a tele set up.

I look forward to getting out this weekend on the Bacon’s again and see how they perform on true firm Northeast snowpack! Please feel free if you have any questions to post them here and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Although it is February the weather and snow feels more like April so i have been getting out on the hill and testing as many skis as possible so look for more reviews to follow.

2013 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis Video

2013 Icelantic Skis Review

I will be testing out 2013 Icelantic Skis this weekend. What skis are you most interested in hearing about? Very excited to get out on Icelantic Skis again they really do a great job with their skis. Hopefully they will be bringing some longer lengths to test out. I was able to test just about everything from Icelantic so if you have a question on a specific model please let me know and I will try and answer for you in a timely manor.

2012 Volkl Kuro Skis Review

The 2012 Volkl Kuro Skis are an excellent powder ski for any intermediate to expert level skier. The 2012 Volkl Kuro is an easy skiing ski even though it is a 132mm in the waist. In powder the ski feels like a couch in thatthey are just comfortable to be on and will turn in tight areas with very little effort at all. The big surprise is on groomers they actually will turn very well and not only will they get you back to the lift they are fun to go out and crank out some mega huge arcs with. If you want an awesome set up get them with the Marker Griffon/Jester binding and if you plan on doing any slack country then get them with the Marker Baron/Duke Binding. With the Duke/Baron they actually have more versatility on groomers as they stiffen the ski up slightly under foot give you some lift and help you rail those things on edge. If you are looking for a more aggressive powder ski this is not your best option. If you want Big Mountain then look at the Blizzard Cochise or the Line Prophet 130 along with other skis such as the K2 Sidestash and Moment Bibby Pro Special.

2013 Line Skis Overview Review

The 2013 Line Prophet 98 and 90 come back with an updated graphic but the same ski. The jury is still out on the 2013 graphic on the Prophet series, they look good but maybe not as strong as they have in the past. Prophet 85 is an all new Prophet that comes with the metal matrix/Capwall and the Prophet Flite is now the Prophet 85 with out metal, no metal matrix, Fibercap construction and Aspen Macroblock core instead of Maple.

The Mr. Pollard Opus gets a 192cm length and sick new Eric Pollard graphic. Sir Francis Bacon comes back unchanged except for the graphic.

The 2013 Line Influence 115 gets a Capwall construction along with a milled piece of metal instead of a metal matrix and now you will only be able to buy a 179cm, 186cm and 192cm.

The 2013 Line Chronic and Line Blend both get a total make over with the Chronic possibly having its best graphic to date. The 2013 Line Afterbang also gets a new size with a 172cm being added to the lineup. Line Skis also are reintroducing  the Line Anthem as the Line Travelling Circus Ski. No changes from the original Anthem. People have been asking for it and so now it is back!

The women’s line gets new ski called the Soulmate which is replacing the Celebrity 100. It is 98 in the waist and is the women’s version of the Prophet 98. Not a typical Line’s women’s graphic on the Line Soulmate and so far it has been really well received. A new ski called the Celebrity 85 has been added to the line with a 85mm waist with no metal.

As for the junior line there is now a 165cm length in the Sir Francis Bacon Shorty and a 100cm and 143cm lengths in the Super Hero and Snow Angel.

2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis Review

A review of the 2012 skis is already available if you scroll down through my posts. However, there has been one important change for 2013 and that is the addition of the 192cm Mr. Pollard Opus. Other than a new graphic and a new size the ski stays the same. The Line Mr Pollard Opus has been one of the best-selling skis of 2012 and we expect 2013 to be even better! A few select dealers still have the 2012 Mr. Pollard Opus skis so be sure to get yours today, unless of course you are looking for a 192cm length Mr. Pollard Opus then you will have to wait until the 2013 skis are out! Still one of my favorite skis you can not go wrong, unless you go to short.

2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Video

Here is the review of the 2012 Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus Skis which are the same for 2013, but now with the additional length of a 192cm length!!